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Wold Newton and Eighties TV

I keep this blog alive because there are occasionally things that I want to write which I don't put into letters or articles. These being the low, long days of Summer, I've been musing over on facebook about some Wold Newton-style displacement of 80s TV--the emetic synthesis if you will of the last great era of television shows. The medium was as extensive and dominant as it ever would be, the writers had no easier alternatives, and the culture was still throwing up themes and stories that could workably be used. There were miles to go before our present state of cultural madness and dissolution. Anyway, what about this--it started as a whim, and then became a fancy, and then a hypothesis; with a little more huckstering, I could I guess turn it into a theory, and then an idea;
A committee of well connected people in Montreal, headed by Michael Archangel and Devon Miles analogies, needs to disseminate alien technology; they do this via a car, a motorbike, a self-realising c…

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