Not to wade into private grief, nor to start a fight....

Which blog got 612 votes in 2006--just over half of what Neil Clark, the UK's best blogger--got in 2007 despite suggesting to its members they vote often and now, by some oversight (and I hope they have the grace to maintain it) have actually posted that suggestion on their blogspot? Its such a mystery.... In fact, such a mystery that I have posted the material from their blogspot below in case they remove it. Perhaps it is some monumental set up? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

December 08, 2006
Vote Early, Vote Often!

We are honoured to have been nominated, along with many other extremely good blogs, for the Best UK Blog category of the 2006 Weblog Awards.

You can vote for us, or indeed any of the others you fancy, here.

It appears that you can vote once every 24 hours.

Remember, it is just a bit of fun, ect ect ect.

(hat tip: Norm, who is also nominated).

wardytron adds:

It already looks like being a 2 horse race between us and something called EU Referendum, which if its name is anything to go by is almost certainly advocating (a) the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, (b) the repeal of the European Convention on Human Rights, (c) the invasion of Poland and (d) compulsory hanging for anyone who looks a bit funny. Is that what you want? No? Then get voting!

Posted by david t at 11:43 AM

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Martin Meenagh said…
I am a little reluctant to allow personal abuse on my blog (other than of deserving government ministers) but I thought I would publish this message. It seems representative and the 'bless' below is ambiguous. Readers will know Neil is a friend of mine and can see how we agree on some things and not others, but it's better to have things in the open I think. I don't think Neil is a vulgar fraud, obviously.
Anonymous said…
Looks like the post in question has been removed.
Martin Meenagh said…
The post about Harry's place proseltysing for a bit-of-fun title is still there. Maybe you meant the above post which someone seems to have drawn from another website? In any event, I think that the best thing in blogland would be (and I recognise that we shouldn't have bland, over-courteous mush) if people restrained the self-righteousness a bit. Then again, I'm one to talk....

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