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Svetlana at the Byzantine Sacred Art blog has been running the Serbian Ministry of Information posters on why Kosovo is Serbia which are very striking. You can find her site here. If there are any Americans reading this site who think that NATO, the EU or the UN is going to have an easy time of it dismembering Serbia and setting up another Albanian state, these posters should give you pause for thought.

That a crisis is coming is something of which no one seems to have any doubt. The Albanian President has recenly visited the Vatican, and the subsequent press release here suggest that the very clever men at the Holy See have got the point that 'the final judicial resolution of the status of Kosovo' is in the offing.

No indication, other than the recent intervention in the OSCE states conference by the Vatican representative, is given of what the Church thinks is about to happen. No one of any sense looks to predict exactly where a storm will blow or what will blow away, after all. The Church has repeatedly noted the human tragedy for Christians of both sides of the Schism, and for Muslims, that it has seen in Kosovo and the late Pope was particularly taken with the nexus of sex trafficking, terrorism and energy and water monopolisation leading to criminal activities that emerged from the wars there.

The Serbs seem as determined as China might be over Taiwan not to let Kosovo go, and it would serve everyone well to pull back from this abyss before it is too late and reason. I have spent times in pubs in London hearing Serb songs and I know a few and from my experience threats to Serbia are a very expensive proposition in the long run, and not just morally.

Facing up to a complex solution that isn't as lazy, simplistic and dangerous as trying to dismember the place would require a certain amount of moral clarity and honesty about what western Balkan policy is, however, and I'm not sure any of us are ready for that. It would require us not to have been corrupted by energy and defence interests, nor by the easy attractions of a new European empire as strong as the American one. Do you think we are capable of that in western society?

The Lincoln quote, by the way, reads, ' in most important things we cannot and must not give in'-- a suitably qualified point for an American redeemer so devious in some things and so noble in others as to be 'Schrodinger's President'.


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