I Wish Angela merkel was running for US President

She's just the best leader in Europe right now, and a model of how women leaders work. She's much better than Hillary. Someone between Merkel and President McAleese is my idea of the perfect woman in politics, of the sort that should be allied to John F.Kennedy, Palmerston and Ernie Bevin in meenaghworld. Here's a raised tea cup to the memory of Mo Mowlam, who was a British equivalent.

haha. Kennedy, Palmerston and Bevin. Two classy Irish shaggers and a christian thug from the trade unions. There's an insight into the Meenaghworld id, ego and superego....

I shouldn't use the German equivalent of leader, it'll upset people. But merkel is my idea of a fuhrerin. The picture is of Golda Meier, fourth Prime Minister and Iron lady of Israel. She was a babe when she was young in Milwaukee, don't you think?


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