Nutter endorses Clinton

He does. Mayor-elect Michael Nutter of Philadelphia. Here's the story.

For my American readers, 'nutter' means 'loony' in Britain and Ireland. Our former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recently intimated that the electorate expected anyone religious to be one. For my Canadian reader, 'loony' isn't the bird on your currency. It means neoconservative.

Such a headline it is. A Nebach Schlumphnik who may turn out to be a very good Philadelphia mayor, I don't know, says he likes Mrs C after being strong armed by Bill Clinton. All well and good. It encouraged me, however, to go looking for Hillary's funding sources.

How come is this? With just one little search, I find out that the 'liberal candidate' of the American media is the single largest Defense Industry donee. OK, says I, the war lords love her. Neil Clark said so ages ago when he noticed the figures before me after all.

So I looked a little further. Hillary has made at least half a dozen trips in private Lockheed jets. Lockheed are a company that make cool products like these. Here's a list of all humanity's stupid wars this Christmas.

Well, then says I, what else has she done? She was a Director of Wal-Mart from 1986 to 1992, after all. Here's a discussion of Wal-Mart's record in treating its workers. It's not unbiased since it comes from people who have to schlep in every day to work who have had their lives more or less defenestrated for Sam Walton's legacy profits. I can't help but think of Rudi Holzapfel's poem (in Brendan Kennelly's book of Irish poems),The Employeewhich got me through many a working day when I was sixteen

Is All that fire put out, that passion spent,
On bugger all, that now I worry what the boss
May think, or how to pay the bloody rent?
So I'm the rebel digit on his loss
Account...well damn him and his cookie shop!
Can't I dream, or love, or try and treat all
Passers-by as human beings and drop
A bob from off some battered article?
I tell you mate, to please one poor old face,
To make it laugh again or even smile,
I'd TNT their commonplace
And have them running up and down the aisle.

Though of course, for the purposes of the relevant public order and terrorism acts I am in no way glorifying economic terrorism, nor am I providing a platform via this blog for any terrorist, and nor am I suggesting that Ireland's long economic boom should be brought to an end by the cumulative activities of those who wish to disburse or defray products not their property but which are in their possession for the purposes of geriatric entertainment. Like, totally not.

Let's return to La Clinton. Big Defense money, and Wal-Mart cash have been critical in her career. What else is there to know?

Agribusinesses like Monsanto pretending to be 'rural Americans' endorse

She's received Major donations from Pakistan oil and energy lobbyists,
and Saudi oil interests connected to Jihads according to this American website.

Low paid-Chinese workers did give Hillary suspicious amounts of money last year. But she gave it back because it was from dodgy banks who didn't do it openly, so that's alright then.

Here we go...mutant illegal aliens for Clinton. Oh nope, that's the Washington Post (Moonies) talking about the Irish. Don't start, my red hair is a mutation, I know whereof I speak.

I could go on and on and on. I haven't yet found 'www.mad right wing overspending druggie Judas tax collectors for' on the web, but I came close here and here.

For Goodness' sake, vote for Obama, Paul or Huckabee. Please, Americans. All this money and she speaks no foreign language and barely meets anyone ordinary who isn't next to a camera. Middle-class women who feel entitled as a way of staving off recognising themselves as nineteenth-century domestic tyrants usually aren't.

Vote for someone else. Even mad Jose Biden. Not Hillary McRomney. Please. And don't vote so as to create a tiny plurality that gets stolen again.

Here's a (more than usual) psychotically mysogynist Bugs Bunny besting a witch in 1954. It's much better than this ridiculous video from the Guardian website of Hillary, the secret sevice, a holy roman empire of aides and flunkies, and the press corps descending for a 'drop by' to someone's home in New Hampshire and lying about it not being expected. God almighty. At least they have to ask for votes I guess, though the family carefully deflecting her appeals for votes is funny.


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