To the memory and example of Dr Matthew Lukwiya

There is some evidence in the Sunday Papers that Ebola, the deadly African virus, has mutated, and is slower and more infectious. It apparently has Uganda in a tightening grip, and the haemorrhagic fever may soon spread. Bordering countries and airports are on alert.

In the midst of this, reports have fixed on the story of someone who could be an hero to people of faith and scientists should they happen to be different.

Matthew Lukwiya was the superintendant of a Roman Catholic mission hospital married to an evangelical Protestant with whom he attended services. The prospect of a good job in the west was at his feet, as his intelligence and medical studies had taken him to Liverpool, far away from Uganda, and a safe job could have been his.

Instead, he returned to Uganda and, when Ebola broke out in his hospital, he refused to abandon the patients and his job of superintendant and instead stood and held the line against the disease before succumbing himself.

On his third Sunday of advent, Dr Matthew Lukwiya is a hero and he always will be.


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