The American Presidential race.

Hi reader! I've put up some serious-face history thoughts below, with the 'Mad Jose Biden' piece above it. I still think in terms of endorsements and crowd meetings Biden has done better than his polls suggest and that there is something seriously amiss with all the media-class manipulation that's managing opinion in Iowa. Anyhow, here's a funny piece from David Bernstein at the Phoenix about the reality-show that is the US presidential process; the full text can be found here.

"Here’s an idea: try thinking of it as a reality show, part Survivor, part Amazing Race — maybe call it The Amazing Race for White House Survival. We enter the year with 11 viable contestants: the wise but weak old man (Joe Biden); the controversial strong-willed woman (Hillary Clinton); the likable guy everyone ignores (Chris Dodd); the good-looking guy with a heart of gold (John Edwards); the bully (Rudy Giuliani); the oddball religious zealot (Mike Huckabee); the cranky old guy everyone respects but nobody likes (John McCain); the dynamic racial minority (Barack Obama); the non-dynamic ethnic minority (Bill Richardson); the calculating manipulator (Mitt Romney); and the celebrity contestant (Fred Thompson)."


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