The Burning of Sudan

The picture is of the saint I was named for by my parents (my confirmation name, which was different, was Bernard, after the great medieval saint and the dog). I am thinking of him tonight, though he lived hundreds of years ago in South America, and rather shamefully the connection in my mind with the events in Darfur that I am dwelling on is the colour of his skin and what it would mean there.

This is usually a timewasting, and often light-hearted blog. I try to keep a balance for you. This site, however, contains a movie about what is going on in Sudan. It details how the government of that country in alliance with Islamists are systematically murdering black Christians.

You should watch it, if you have the time. North Africa is the source of a huge amount of Europe's energy supplies, it is the holding ground for millions who seek to escape Africa and it could so easily catch fire from this inferno in its south.

Things are being done today, the eve of the Holocaust memorial, in there, that ought to make grown men weep. Crucifixions, mass murders, rape, racial war and the corruption of great power politics are combining by the day.

Have a look. What is happening is hostilis humanis generis. The enemy of all mankind, and when water shortages are trotted out for semi-pagan mentally corrupt euro-Green consumption, just remember what James Baldwin wrote;

God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
No more water, the fire next time


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