Clinton-Obama; the Machine is alive

Right, we have bitterness and voting shenanigans in New Hampshire; South Carolina's famously murky politics and swamp of innuendo; weird right-wing stories about Obama being connected to terrorism in some fashion being replayed on Fox News and on the back of the recent Kenya controversies; and the people done over or snubbed by the Clintons, like John Kerry, now using Obama to get back at them. How long is it before an Al Gore endorsement, or is Al too busy trying to understand why the world appeared to stop warming in 1998?

Now, dirty work at the crossroads in Nevada.

Nevada is an important upcoming Democrat primary. The major union there, which represents employees in the service sector, has endorsed Barak Obama. All well and good. However, the Teachers' Union, which is close to Hillary Clinton's campaign, has now raised a lawsuit that may see their rival union excluded.

Their complaint is based around a system that was designed to allow the service sector workers in hotels to vote rather than forcing them to take time off work, which is not an option for many of them.

Politics in America is clearly a very tough blood sport. Does anybody actually mean a single they say about improving the lot of the disadvantaged and the struggling or is the whole game about the ruthless pursuit of class based power? I am a European, so please forgive my old world collectivist cynicism.

There follows a gory, demented instructional video from the new Alien v Predator film that seems appropriate. it involves scary things and swearing and is probably more comforting than the hand-to-hand political spinning that is about to engulf the Democrat quarter of the United States.


CresceNet said…
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Christopher said…
Hey Martin,
Where can I find reliable statistics regarding occurrence of arranged marriages worldwide? Unreliable statistics indicate that they are very common but I don't think there are sufficient English language resources. I find this odd, considering how useful this information would be.
Martin Meenagh said…
Hi Crescenet--thank you very much! I will check out your site.

Chris--I agree, the resources are very lacking. UNICEF, the UN fund for children, provides maps and statistics of all those children and young women in forced, arranged and child marriages, but its figures are necessarily based on estimates. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office also has a 'forced marriage unit', and if all else fails you might want to drop them a line. I think that sociologists like Haralambos also link to these statistics--you could find some links on the OUP website for the Haralombos and Holborn Sociology textbook, maybe.

here's the UNICEF link;

Hope that helps!

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