Clinton wins

haha. OK, I've amended the sentence in the post below to read 'Hillary's narrower than expected win' rather than loss. In my head. I'll leave it up though. But the point still holds; Obama has got himself into media-favourite/insurgent campaign mode and the party machine is now with Hillary, just like it was with Walter Mondale or Bush in 88.. Obama and Clinton are matched in money but the advantage is with Clinton and I think they are going to duke it out till February. Any unsettling event will now benefit Clinton.


Giovanna said…
Martin! It's Giovanna. Just wanted to say I've finally started reading your blog. Love it. I'm a John Edwards girl through and through, but it looks like he won't be in this race much longer. Oh well.
Martin Meenagh said…
Thanks Giovanna! Glad to know you are safe and well, hope all is OK

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