Hillary Clinton and New Hampshire

A while ago, I pointed out the discrepancies in the voting in the New Hampshire primary, and how Hillary Clinton's total seemed artificial in areas with electronic voting machines.

Denis Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman and former presidential candidate, paid for a recount because of many people suspecting that there was unaccountable error in the machines, manufactured by the Diebold corporation, or their software.

A partial recount now has been held, and, though all candidates bar Richardson in a third of the electoral districts were probably overcounted, no substantial fraud seems to have occurred. So, I was wrong (until a full recount proves otherwise) to suspect anything more than a small variation in votes, and I am rather glad of it. However, since blogs seem to last forever, I just wanted to correct my error. Here's the machinist at Salon.com with a full report on the shenanigans.

I'm enjoying the reportage in Carl Bernstein's attack-job on Hillary, A Woman in Charge, by the way, which makes this odd methodist somewhat more human than one might suppose, bizarrely. Have a read of it if you have time.


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