How Dangerous is America compared to Russia?

As my reader knows, whoever she is, I have spent a great deal of my life reading, learning, teaching or travelling in places connected with, US history and politics. So It's interesting to me that Helmut Schmidt, one of my favourite post-war german Chancellors, now thinks that the USA is more dangerous than Russia.

Helmut's getting on a bit but that hasn't stopped him calling Putin 'an enlightened potentate' , which I think is going more than the proverbial bit too far. I used to like tea and Sushi, but, as they now say, I wouldn't want to light my house with it. You can read Der Speigel Online's (English language) edition here for a flavour of a sensible German approach to what has happened to the US reputation.

Just as a by-the-way, my favourite German Chancellors of the postwar period, in descending order, go

1. Merkel
2. Schmidt
3. Erhard
4. Adenauer
5. Brandt
6. Kohl
7. Kiesinger
8. Schroeder

It's late at night, I have no medication to speak of, my girlfriend is very far away and people don't like me calling at 1am. So go on, tell me your list. Bother me not with invitations to suicide pacts, as I won't post them as comments in case my blog gets prosecuted in your jurisdiction.


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