Le non-exception Francaise

I love France and women and life. So, in a spirit of serious enquiry, I have been furrowing my middle brow and tracing les mots avec mon finger in an attempt to get a fingerspitzengefuhl for the neighbour across the sea. This is what I have discovered.

! Nicolas and Cecilia have split up, and she's spending time in London shops annoyed

! Nicolas and Carla the supermodel have been mooning about a beach in Egypt

!Cecilia thinks Nicolas is hanging around with les petasses fardees--a bunch of his 'painted slappers'

! Cecilia's trusted friend has told the press because he thinks she's 'an ice queen'

! The Daily Mail is loving it and says France is annoyed 'because it is a country which prefers the hypocrisy of 'eating cheese and climbing up the back stairs for an affair because sexual openness isn't on--we're not Italy'

! Nicolas's son has been out hanging around making hip-hop songs with naughty lyrics. Hip hop is a form of musical entertainment which is primarily verbal and which associates typically spoken explicit lyrics with a syncopated electronic beat but no melody.

The French Republic has 350 nuclear weapons. As the instructional video below shows, M.Sarkozy is better with the ladies than he is after sharing a cup of something with Gospodin Putin. Shouldn't accept a tea off of the Russian....


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