Lynda Carter in Her Glory

I posted this picture just because I could. Beautiful women are beautiful at any age and beauty isn't really found in outward appearance. However, Lynda Carter in this picture is just stunning.

I've been lucky to have women in my life. However, the rational, twentieth-century part of me wants to think that the sweet egotistical thought of female attention never turned my head.

I would, of course, be a liar on presidential political proportions if I convinced myself of that. Fallen as my view of humanity is, you would have to be totally stupid if you fell for it too.

My girlfriend used to meet Carter in the Rockies when she was skiing, and it turns out that she is a nice person too. No wonder when she became interested in politics, President Clinton's staff made darn sure he was never, ever, allowed to be alone with her.

What god hath wrought.


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