Muslims Against Shariah

Damien Thompson over at the Telegraph has just discovered this site which is associated with the eponymous 'Muslims against Shariah'. Its based as far as I can tell in Omaha Nebraska, (where Bruce Springsteen focussed some of his best songs), and is at least worth a look. The group wishes to renovate the Qu-aran and to adapt Islam. The religion is at roughly the same age as the Church was when the Reformation happened, so God help us if that blood soaked disaster is repeated.

Ah well, here's to their bravery anyway, even if they are some CIA front. If you fancy a laugh, here is the latest round-up of loopy antisemitism from the Juudeosphere website responsible for creating the 'zionist conspiracy-o-matic' graph last month.


Christopher said…
I've never felt like I've won(or lost) an argument with a serious Zionist...

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