Oscar Pistorius and the Triumph of the Human Spirit

Oscar Pistorius, for those of you who do not know, lost his fibulae to a rare disease when he was eleven months old. He runs on metal strips, which have gained him international fame as the 'Blade Runner' from South Africa. In fact, so great is the melding of his will and the machines on his legs that he has been excluded from the Summer Olympics because of the advantage he is perceived to have.

I know next to nothing about sports. Playing truant from them and going down to the pub with my dad, or learning elementary Russian, or just chatting with reprobates who like me didn't bring kit to games at school did me no harm whatsoever. They were activities of great benefit.

But I am very moved by tales that occasionally turn up of the human condition. Rocky seems as real to me as any philosopher. Pistorius, voted Sports Personality of the Year by BBC viewers in 2007, is a breathtaking example of a man who just won't quit, and I wanted to bring him to your attention.

Here's a video of Pistorius coming second in the Roman games in last year's summer sun. It speaks for itself, and I salute the man.


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