Two of the Best small London Restaurants

My reader (whomsever he or she is, I have my suspicions) will know I love a good meal. The last time I waxed rhapsodic on a fantastic meal was after my girlfriend and I visited L'Auberge at Westhill road in Wandsworth, about ten minutes right from East Putney Tube station. It was the best French restaurant I have been to, and that includes the places I went to in Paris years ago.

Last night, with two close friends, I discovered a brilliant Spanish place just down from Putney railway station. Ole, on the Upper Richmond Road. The Tapas were great, the house wine warm and full, the paella I had the best I've had.

The staff were excellent too, and the manager had a drink with us and turned out to be a great guy who knew his way around all the clubs and restaurants in the area. He was open and ate his chef's food himself. There was no pressure, and things were near perfect. If you are in town and want a nice meal, and don't fancy French, go to Ole.


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