Uh Oh. Recount in New Hampshire

'Some people speculate in gold. It's a precious metal. Others just speculate in primaries....'

So said a wan Lyndon Johnson after a New Hampshire primary forty years ago brought Robert F. Kennedy into the US Presidential race and pushed Johnson out. It only occurs to me because a recount is under way in New Hampshire.

Republican exit polls corresponded to the final result. Democrat polls did not, except where voting was by hand and not by machine.

Don't jump immediately to conclusions. Only 20% of votes were by hand, mostly in small rural locations. Maybe Obama appeals to such places over Clinton. In larger areas where votes were counted by hand, Clinton did better (But not by so much--See the last link below for a discussion).

Before the event, I and a few others pointed out that the press were going over the top about Obama's margin and that it was probably much smaller than was being declared by polls. This in turn may have encouraged independents into McCain's camp rather than to Obama. Women may also have not have been telling the truth to pollsters about their intentions given the strong support Obama had from their husbands. People may have been saying one thing about a black candidate in public and voting another way in private.

Still, Hillary Clinton's three-point margin of victory was surprising. For what it is worth in blogland, I acknowledged what seemed like my mistake then, pompous though that may sound, since you, faithful reader whoever you are, might have been annoyed with me if I hadn't.

Now, however, America's infamous voting machines are in question again. The Secretary of State of New Hampshire, who is responsible for the primary, has ordered a recount at the request of two otherwise insignificant candidates who have pointed out what they believe to be serious irregularities in the vote.

The action of the Secretary of State is automatic upon the provision of costs and minimum evidence by any candidate, so don't read too much into things. The Secretary of State himself does not believe the machines were at fault or suborned.


The company that makes the machines in New Hampshire has contracts all over America. Some on the left have already raised questions about the Diebold corporation. There is no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing. Like Caesar's wife, however, there should not even be a suspicion.

This site helpfully provides details of how to hack into and subvert elections run by computers rather than paper-based counting.

What--a small, silly if--Hillary almost lost or in fact did lose after all?


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