Abandon Judeo-Christian Culture, Get Burke and Hare on a Global Scale

There are businesses in the world that are plasticizing human body parts almost certainly taken from executed criminals and selling them by mail order.

These businesses are based in China. They are associated with criminals whom the government of that country is attempting to repress.

The famous international autopsist Dr Gunther Von Hagens, who performs public autopsies had in 2004 a factory in China for the purpose of procuring bodies. Der Spiegel, the German magazine, has already drawn attention to the possibility that some 645 of the Doctor's cadavers are those of prisoners or homeless people. There is no suggestion whatsoever that Dr Von Hagens is involved in any criminal activity. He did, however, return seven corpses on the basis that they probably came from executed people some time ago.

Dr Von Hagens has now moved on to selling slices of human bodies commercially.

This sort of thing was done quite a bit in England previous to the Anatomy Act. That Act nominally expanded the supply of corpses and allowed for their use for medical purposes. Before the Act, 'body snatchers' and grave robbers, the most famous of whom were Burke and Hare, procured bodies for experiments and dissection. Public revulsion at the practices of body farmers led to the change in the law.

In the Twentieth century, the activities of the Nazis, some of whom made soap and lampshades out of human beings, led to an equally strong revulsion.

Soylent green, the poster of which is of course at the top of this post, used to be a horror fantasy about a dystopia. Not a prophesy.

A few weeks ago, I noted the growth of crucifixion as a legal and extralegal punishment in Islamic territories. This week, it's body-farming, selling corpses and using executed individuals. A new barbarism lit by extreme interpretations of religion, and by the folly of former Marxists creating a religion of science with no moral boundaries to it, is rising strongly.

And I've missed mass today. Bad for my soul, but God help the world in the future we are creating.


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