Just a little nudge

My friends Neil Clark and David Lindsay have recently been on fine form, and if you want to waste some time pleasantly, go and have a look at their websites. They have different views from myself and each other on very many things, but write well and are in the best traditions of the sort of English political traditions that I admire as an outsider. I'm a Catholic, a Labour member and of Irish extraction, but there are things about England, where I was born and where I have lived most of my life, that I like very much.

Neil in particular has a great line on sports and comedy too, and is a really very successful journalist. You may have come across his articles, which are always fun, in any number of newspapers across the world. He has been hounded and stalked for his views by any number of 'cybertrolls' just lately. Their behaviour is about to chill blogland a little because it will almost certainly bring down the cyber-regulation laws, conceived to deal with stalking, on all our heads. Even so, he's won no end of plaudits for remaining courteous and coherent in his views. I think it says something that those who don't like him are now down to smears and spin because they can't find anything else that isn't fair comment.

I should declare an interest; both Neil and David have praised this blog unprompted and probably in an undeserved way in recent days, and I wanted to thank them. I've never actually met David Lindsay, but I have read his blog with interest.

I wish them both well.


Neil Clark said…
Thanks, Martin.

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