My Silly Lists

There seems to have been a slight 'Mad Jose Biden-style' boomlet for my Nixon-inspired lists of things recently, which is quite flattering to me as I relax and waste time. So here is another one. It is, as usual, not exhaustive.

States and Politicians that allow other legal systems or sovereignties within their soil or who promoted the idea

1. Margaret Thatcher during the Anglo-Irish Conference period, which allowed the Irish republic a say in the government of the North and which contemplated joint Garda-RUC police patrols on the street at one point.

2. Ronald Reagan when promoting Federalist principles and a pre-fourteenth amendment reading of state sovereignty and when dealing with the Indian Nations.

3. The United Kingdom (in the matter of Scots, Northern Irish, Manx, Jersey, Guernsey, and devolved body law as well as in the self-regulatory capacities of the City of London, the Temple, and elsewhere). Also, in a half dozen other ways.

4. The State of Texas when allowing free contract clauses that provide for arbitration of disputes by anyone the parties choose who is fit to arbitrate (including Sharia Courts).

5. The Canadians in just about everything.

6. The Australians and New Zealanders with regard to aboriginal communities.

7. The South Africans.

8. The Republic of India.

9. The State of Pakistan.

10. Eretz Israel in the treatment of orthodox and other Jewish communities.

11. Proponents of the 'Britney Law' to give special protection to the celebrity community. Or, if you want something more sane, the Hapsburg Empire during any of its thousand years or so.

12. The Holy Roman and Catholic Church with regards to the coptics, uniates and others.

Appeasers all, obviously. Now, let's look at regimes that tried to eliminate diverse systems of law and replace them with one national rule before which all were equal.

1. The British crown against the American colonists.

2. Hitler against the State of Prussia in February 1933.

3. Revolutionary France.

4. The French Absolutists.

5. Mussolini.

6. Josef Stalin.

7. The Prophet Muhammad.

So why is it that people who are committed in their own mind to a 'war for freedom and democracy and the Enlightenment' want to associate their philosophy with the latter and not the former? As a serious point, is it the ferocity of the Islamic challenge which they seem so keen to see as the only story about that denomination?

The Britney picture at the top of this blog is just purely for your edification on Monday morning and because I can get away with it.


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