Does Anyone Remember the Rowan Williams Controversy?

Oh, you were no-one in 2008 if you didn't remember the bombastic misinterpretation of the Anglican ecclesial leader's Middle Temple lecture on Islam.... but whilst all this has died down, an interesting story has appeared. It was tucked up in page three of the Financial Times and illustrates how money has a way of saying things in more complicated ways than Bishops.

The Chelsea Barracks is to be turned into luxury flats and health spas with Islamic finance vehicles. This ends 145 years of military presence between Sloane Square and the Thames.

'Shariah Finance Watch', who are some sort of minute men are not happy, but the Guardian is quite happy.

How much of a reward is this to Qatar for contributing to the European Airbus parent EADS, and how much is it a consolation prize for losing out on the purchase of Thames Water?

There is no need for everything, or indeed anything to be linked of course. It's a teenage fetish to think that nothing happens coincidentally. I am curious at how Airbus in particular, however, keeps cropping up in the expansion of European 'soft power', and how many people the EU is enmeshing in contracts with it. The Americans have noticed too.

I have put a much happier picture of a modern airship at the top of this blog, for no good reason whatsoever except that, as you know my lonely midnight reader, I love them. This time, it is of the Aeros. It is my favourite modern, in-production ship, but you may enjoy the childrens-book feel of the very real skykitten below as well, and of the SA-60 diesel-electric hybrid which has already broken records.


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Martin Meenagh said…
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Martin Meenagh said…
To the blogger at Shariahfinancewatch--I am happy to keep in touch, and good luck to you. Let me know if you want me to publish your name, which shows up with your blog. Other readers, go have a look.

Shalom back at you!

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