Leon Greenman OBE

I have just found out, from the blogspot of Bob From Brockley, that Leon Greenman has died. My pal Lou and I met him in 1997. He was a tough wiry man, and an Auschwitz survivor. I have never forgotten his human fire and how strongly he evoked the sadness that any human being would surely feel at the disgusting crime of the holocaust, as much as he made me proud to be of a species that could produce the likes of him.

Leon lost his wife and child in the holocaust. In life, he was variously a singer, and a hairdresser, and had a stall on the market. He had the honour and experienced the horror of having had the National Front brick his house. Leon was very active in anti-fascist politics.

Here is a link to his book, An Englishman in Auschwitz.

I have no clue about his religious belief, but I hope that he rests in peace. You can read his Guardian obituary here.


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