Podge and Rodge

One of the discoveries I made last week was an extremely funny, irreverent and vulgar couple of muppets who appear late at night on RTE, the Irish Broadcasting channel. Their humour, like that in the North-West of England, is based on wordplay, cheek, and the mixture of whimsy and down to earth observation. I've put a collection of some of Podge and Rodge's best bits below. I do warn you, they are rude to people.

Of course, the fact that they are a couple of marooned redheads who live in some invented Irish place whilst dreaming of the beautiful women they have met is of no consequence and not the reason I am taken with them at all.

Have a look, there is far more on youtube. Irish puppets are about to become quite big news, as far as it goes, given that a demented turkey has just been put forward as Ireland's entry in the eurovision song contest. Eurovision, a continental festival which takes in most of the mediterranean rim as well and which is predicated on public votes for cheesy amateur songs, is in Belgrade this year. Haven't they suffered enough?

The victory of the Turkey is much to the chagrin of Dana, who once ran for President and is a singer associated with Catholic TV in Alabama. She was a London girl, raised in Derry and an Irish winner of the Eurovision in the long ago.

Ah, Ireland.


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