The Southall Black Sisters Have Been Reprieved!

Excellent News

A partial victory has occurred, though not yet a conclusive one. The Southall Black Sisters, for whom I and many many others wrote a blog post and signed up on facebook, have had a reprieve for two months. Ealing cannot make up its mind what to do and there is also talk of a judicial review of the decision to withdraw funding from this excellent body dedicated to offering help to minority women fleeing or suffering domestic violence.

If you have not yet done so, I urge you to keep up the pressure. Go to the SBS website, or write to your MP, to the Mayoral Candidates, here here here and here, and to the Party Leaders, or join the Downing Street Petition. This body saves lives and anyone decent would want it kept open regardless of politics.

What a way to get a smile before Monday!


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