The Competition Commission

The Competition Commission says that selling off British airports to a foreign company and allowing it to practice a state regulated monopoly was a bad idea.

I agree. Heathrow is a national disgrace.

The eponymous commission says that the airports should be broken up and sold off.

I agree again.

Britain's best performing companies these days are cooperatives and social partnerships like the John Lewis chain of shops.

So, break up the airports company into units based on terminals, or whole airports in the smaller cases, and give them a constitution as a limited company. The board of directors would be hired by the partners. Every single worker, from the cleaners up, would be a partner.

They would share in the outcomes and benefits, but would not hold shares that they could sell. They would also elect at least two worker representatives to the board, one man and one woman, and this would also be a condition of organisation for any domestic airline using the relevant airport. The Freedom of Information Act would also apply to every single feature of the new companies, except for those which compromised employee confidentiality.

In addition, the pension fund of the new companies should be untouchable and there should be a duty to maintain it at viable levels.

Alternatively, waste millions on consultants who will tell you only how to make other consultants rich.

The choice is not statist national ownership or rip-off monopolies. There are better ways.


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