A level of Anxiety.

I'm not the first in blogland to point this out and I will not be the last. Imagine how the USA would have reacted in a mirror universe if

a)Russia had shipped nuclear bomb triggers and missile parts 'accidentally' to Tehran

on the same day as

b) a muslim had been found in the government district with a three-week old car bomb, three knives, a machete and a loaded shotgun, whilst dressed in a flak jacket and headed for the Supreme Court. At least all we wear here is wigs.


c)The US President-elect warned Russia not to draw Canada into a military alliance.

It's past midnight and I'm just playing a mind game, but in our universe all these things happened on the 26 March, just in reverse; it was America that sent the parts to Taiwan, it was Michael Gorbey who was found in DC and it was Medvedev who warned over NATO expanding into Ukraine.

And barely a peep from the media. The UK is not even on mauve alert, or whatever it is we are meant to be on. Vermillion probably.

So that's alright then.

Bad men could get back to dreaming up ways to steal oildrums so that they could hide muslims and communists in them as part of a plot to get Barack Obama elected by Mossad.

Or whatever version of that story that the neocons and the guardian and every other part of the political spectrum from blue to indigo is talking today.

I'd like to pretend that the entire West missed these stories because we were all concerned in some high minded damascene moment of revelation as we saw the meretricious financial architecture of the past thirty years slide into the rising ocean on our way back to church.

Actually, the Sun newspaper, fairly represntatively, was discussing whether UFOs had been seen on google earth near Wales, and whether there were medical doctors prepared to 'stretch' 'tiny Nicolas Sarkozy', President of France.

That's nothing new. The cubs' ball game was headline news just before Pearl Harbor; Nessie was on the front of the Daily Mail when Hitler came in at the end of January in 1933.

As an aside, if you are as mad as I am tonight, reader, why not have a look at this substantiated, well written piece about how Margaret Thatcher's government once discussed importing specially adapted dolphins with strap-on electronic gear to look for dinosaurs in Loch Ness.

Finally- a story about the intellectual life of the Thatcher administration that I can believe without snorting.

Here's an interesting Bob from Brockley piece to take your mind off things. The more of his blog I read the more interesting it is.

Night night.


bob said…
Thanks Martin!


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