Bangladesh and Burma

As my one long suffering obsessional reader will know, I am generally a fan of Bangladesh and Bangladeshis. That community (I'm conscious of the kiss of death endorsement by me normally endows) is generally resistant as a corporate body to stupid Islamist cults and has recently begun to make its way through disasters and western 'aid' organisations.

So I was really pleased to see Bangladesh as the UN base of the aid effort to Burma. This is more than charitable, given the amount of food Bangladesh and Sri lanka get from Burma, but it is very welcome all the same. Bangladesh, and everyone else, now recognises how efficient its own cyclone warning system has become; and also is distinguishing itself by standing up for womens' rights in the face of Islamist hatred and violence. Three more reasons not to forget that great country. As for Burma, I pray for its people and wish its warlords and generals ill.


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