Gordon Brown 2

As I have noted before, I think Britain's Prime Minister is better than the bullies turning on him right now make out. He is surrounded by awful, student-union level MPs, by a public that does not want to know about any real sacrifice, and by a climate of opinion that can fall to the level of last week's disgusting abortion 'debate' whilst obsessing over Brown's responsibility for the mortgage, debt and oil crisis that the people themselves have created by greed and reinforced by their determination not to think. That that crisis is now affecting decent, hardworking people more than those who fanned its flames is a shame.

Brown is by no means perfect, and is awkward and flawed by all accounts. I think he means well, though, and is a clever and serious man. He even tried this week not to give in to craven demands to lower tax but to focus the public on what is happening with oil, even if the media do not want to listen, or understand. So I'm glad that, where he could do something, he did tonight by announcing a ban on British use of cluster bombs. It's one small redeeming thing that won't save his government from the kicking that many in it deserve, but I like him for it.


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