This is what you get for hope these days....

1) up to one hundred thousand people possibly dead in Burma, with the food resources of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma contained in the Irrawaddy Delta rice fields flooded and Burma's disgusting military leadership keeping help out

2)rubbish about how the solution to peak oil is to ignore it and the solution to global food problems is hare-brained globalism

3)Syria stepping back from Lebanon so Iranian militants can hand Hezbollah another $100 million to screw that country with riots and jew-hatred.

4)Mysterious Chinese diseases flaring in Asia

5)Pagan environmentalist idiocy whilst the world catches fire from 'a pillock on a gap year'. Actually, I'm being unfair on David Miliband as usual. Someone has written something sensible into his speech about the 'resource crunch' but it gets lost in the windborne mental fog.

To despair is a sin. I have a great deal of confidence in the people whom the media-political classes despise, who get up every morning and go on and make the best of things in the face of taxes and ludicrous social regulation and the breakdown of decent life. There are times, however, when I do bow my head.

I can't stop praying for and thinking about those people outside the walls of our western fortress. They especially will be hit as all the problems I have been dwelling on for over a year on this blog, of peak oil, demographic change, famine and war begin to bite deeper. Fathers and mothers and children have already passed on in Burma this week, before their time.

Still, oil experts are now calling for the American electricity grid to be nationalised, and the campaign for public ownership is beginning to show that there is a different way to go. The west seems to retain some impulse that sparks and motions us away from greed and narcissism, whatever the dishonest fatuities of our elites. To stay truly alive, we must never ever lose hope. Hope comes from love, which is radical and challenging, and love is as near as we come to God in this flawed world.


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