New Scientist recognises peak oil, and associated dangers

The media is waking up to the global crisis associated with the age of oil. Here is a fascinating graphic from the New Scientist magazine, which also illustrates some of my own worries about demographics and the arcs of instability, both of which would correspond to their 'danger areas'. Also, take time to look at the graph of oil consumers, and ask yourself how the USA is going to cope in the mid-term.

We have only a few years, if that, to prepare for the combination of peak oil, demographic crisis, war, and financial catastrophe occasioned by a vast overhang of government and private debt and a funny-money futures market which is on the edge of collapse. Learn now how to grow food, pay off your debt, make yourself less oil-dependent if you can. If I am wrong, what you have done will be good anyway; if I am right, you will need to have taken these steps. And hug your loved ones close, and enjoy life.

We face a very tough few years before we go over the oil hump, and the technologies, cultural capital, and state legitimacy from which our lifeboat may be made is being denigrated and denuded by the day.


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