Southall Black Sisters

Some time ago, the Southall Black Sisters were (as they still are) threatened with closure. They organised resistance to the move, which I supported, because they are a vital link between minority women attempting to escape abuse and the forces of justice. They save lives. As part of their action, they organised a petition on the government's 'number ten petition site'. The government, months later, has responded. This is what they said;

We recognise the good work Southall Black Sisters have done in the local community and the national impact that they have had.

In February of this year we published a consultation document on cohesion guidance for funders, setting out how building relationships with people from different backgrounds helps to ensure stronger community relations, as well as identifying some risks run by work focused only on a particular group. We published a consultation rather than final guidance as we want to learn from the experience of funders and funded organisations and develop the guidance in line with the commitment in the Compact on relations between Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector to consult on issues affecting the sector. We stated in our guidance that there may be reasons for different consideration on funding organisations that help tackle domestic violence and would encourage funders to take this guidance into account when making their decisions.

There are times when I feel as though I am living in some boozed-up gilbert and sullivan version of Imperial Japan. If you can make head or tail of the response, which sounds to me pro forma and non commital, please feel free to write in with a translation.


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