My favourite play is Brian Friel's Translations. It speaks to a past world, in which it was possible to imagine the reclamation of individual freedom through the discipline of Latin, Greek, and Irish. I think learning a language is a very good thing, and if I ever have the time to do more than a little, I want to emulate those I used to know who would teach themselves at least one new language a term at Oxford. The cleverest woman I ever knew sent me a message from Bologna yesterday couched in the Latin of Justinian, and it's yet another reason I stand in awe of her mind.

Anyway, not all of us have the luxury of multiple languages in our heads. A friend has asked me to plug this excellent service, They offer high quality translations at Mexican prices all over the world, very quickly, and they are one globalised business I'm happy to put an advert in for.

And, of course, should any interested business party have stumbled on this blog, read on into the archives about peak oil, food inflation, the credit crunch, and any of the other things I and others were blogging about years ago before the storm began to break over the mainstream media. If you go to morfosintactica, you can even translate my doom laden prophecies, should you so require!


Marina said…
Thank you, Martin :)

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