The Devil's Kitchen is a great libertarian site. The standard warning about swearing, if you do not like that sort of thing applies, but it is a refreshing, open place sometimes. The Devil Has recently turned to considering the 'peak oil' idea.

I would not be pretentious enough--at least in this instant--to say that I recognised the pathology of realising, as someone who does not in any way consider themselves green, that oil at viable prices and flow is running out. One of the things that is done first is a tour of the wider, 'non traditional' science on the net.

Inevitably, as the devil has done, one then comes across the old Soviet idea that oil is not a fossil fuel, which Stalin procured from his scientists practically at gunpoint. This idea, the so-called 'abiotic' or 'abiogenic' idea, is that oil is created by chemical processes independent of fossil detritus deep within the earth and replenished thereby.

Here is a link to the Whiskey and Gunpowder site, putting calmly the science of why this almost certainly cannot be an explanation for anything other than a very small fraction of the oil produced over tens of millions of years.

If that statement seems qualified, it is. Never say never in science. The laughter of women may be made of angel cakes and gold dust, but its wiser to bet on the energetic displacement of air caused by sound waves.

The truth is that this society needs more small-scale bioreactors, energy conservation, nuclear power and polywell-type fusion reactors and we need it about eight years ago. That we are unprepared for the peak oil change is in part a consequence of listening to Greens, biofuel lobbyists, the global warming crowd, and other irrational semi-pagan technophobes and we may all soon pay for that.


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