The Autorantic Virtual Moonbat

Here is a robotic, insane left-wing ranter who produces loony opinions about anything in response to any question. I am not convinced that it is actually a line of code produced by Sean Gleeson in the US. I think that it is like one of those chess-playing 'automatons' a few hundred years ago that conmen used to employ--a shell with a person on the other end.

I suppose all that means is that it passes a Turing test. Still, in the case of this moonbat, I am convinced that I worked alongside several relatives of hers in Oxford, and if you did too you will know exactly who I mean. If you set the preferred additional enemy to 'catholics' on the options, you get a Mary Honeyball 'MEP' article free, which ought to be of interest to the hard pressed flunkeys she presumably has stuffed her office cupboard with, because you can now write her a speech in a big round font by cutting and pasting from somewhere other than The Da Vinci Code and go for a nice fruit beer.

Hat tip: Old Holborn


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