Gordon Brown is not that bad (3)

I have said this before and I will write it again, at the risk of alienating many of my readers; Gordon Brown is not that bad. He is cynical, infuriating and stubborn, and he is surrounded by muppets and student union nasties.

His government is falling apart under ineluctable pressures. You should remember that he was handed a huge pot of horrible when he came to power. He is a man of almost Nixonian charm, but Nixon was right about many things, though very wrong in the course of action he drew from his insights.

I should note my own bias here; just after Brown became leader, though not because of him, I left twenty years of membership in his party. There's a silver lining to everything in this colossal electronic monument to my narcissism.

Still, of all world leaders, none have as yet, as far as I can tell, so clearly acknowledged that the oil age is over and that we need a new, post-oil perspective on the global economy than Dr Brown did the other day. It was one of the few unintended and useful things to come out of Sarko's Maghreb shindig.

Brown reminds me of my little brother. He is a man of substance; I just wish he was surrounded by the same and stuck to what appear to be his instincts rather than giving in. However, the sight of the British press and other assorted hacks piling into a disabled and cerebral man with a degree of good in his heart at least stirs some sympathy in me.

Even his appalling deputy has had a go lately by trying to foist abortion on Northern Ireland through a stooge just before the Glasgow East by-election, which would have guaranteed the loss of the place and might have brought him down. At least the big man saw through that one.

Gordon Brown is being blamed for the public's stupidity and the elite's misplaced fatuity and cupidity over the past eleven years. He has committed the sin of showing the English their worst national vice, and they have a few--that of hypocrisy. God help him. Read his words though. The oil drum, from a different perspective, has.

Here's another video of Richard Nixon playing the piano concerto he composed, a propos of nothing except a little nod to the man in whatever deep part of downstairs where Nixon may now reside.


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