An insane sleazy Video for my own amusement

I went to the Andrew Sullivan site yesterday, and found a really good video involving some young woman called Feist and the muppets. It was more entertaining than watching the John McCain campaign lately. Anyway, this gave me the frankly sleazy idea of finding the video of the beautiful Lynda Carter singing 'shazam' with the muppets from years ago and posting it as a pretend diversion or reference, rather than the whole point of the blog.

I couldn't, mostly because I stumbled across this. It is some sort of uber-kitsch depiction of gross negligence. In it, some actor who is presented as 'having never thrown knives before' by John Forsythe (in his washed-up, pre-dynasty phase) gets to stand in front of a salivating audience and chuck knives at Ms Carter, who is wearing a costume that just shows how physically beautiful she was and is. At one point the knife is thrown over the shoulder from behind. God almighty--did networks have no lawyers in the past?

Apparently, which is unusual for a person that good looking, she is a really good person too, though she had her demons. She clearly has an insane level of courage too. What sort of insane, Circus Maximus style fun does the following conjure up in your mind? God, that woman would have made a great Roman.

A further salute to the great woman who is a heroine of this blog. In a different life, she'd be Catherine the Great. And no, it's two minutes to noon and I do not have a drink or any intoxicating substance anywhere near.

UPDATE : Aw, this was all a sleazy trick. Thankfully. He threw harmless replicas whilst the blades came out of the back of the board, according to one theory I am more than prepared to embrace because it is clearly sane and I want most of the time to embrace sanity. Opposites attract, after all.


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