It's the Silly Season!

Summer is here and the way you know it is that Britain is enjoying one of its regulation ten days of sunshine and the Daily Mail has discovered a five year old monster story that some off his face scientist has promoted.

Yaaaaay! Have a margarita and read about the abominable snowman, who apparently lives in a jungle (I think, being a connoisseur of silly, they mean orang-pedek or some Sasquatch variant) here.

UPDATE : I was a thousand miles or two off in my prediction; the supposed originator was the mande barung, though frankly Ian Redmond, the scientist involved (who is clearly not off his face in the photograph) looks a bit like a candidate himself. And yes, I can talk.

UPDATE TWO : Now they are all at it. The Daily Telegraph has started running a 'bigfoot' story. I mean, it's not like there is real news for the mainstream media to be bothered about is it?


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