Mary Honeyball MEP, Da Vinci Code style anticatholicism and the Glasgow East by-election.

As my regular reader will know, I am not normally one for personal abuse. I do not intend to be, and I will not allow any on my comments section. However, Mary Honeyball has decided to deny ever being anti-catholic by posting her anti-catholic piece on her website and then denying it says what it said.

I suppose she deserves points for chutzpah. Still, the tawdry stupidity of the move--and what it reveals of her opinion of ordinary people who read her words-- is breathtaking. People like her helped drive me out of the Labour Party after twenty years.

So, if you actually value being governed by people you vote for who do not take you for an idiot, send this post and the accompanying link to everyone you know in the west of scotland.

If they ask who Mary Honeyball is, point out to them that she was appointed from a party list to be a member of the european 'parliament' where she currently flits between Brussels and Strasbourg at great expense to the taxpayer whilst furrowing her brow over Popish plots and sub-Dawkinsist rants. She is currently trying to claim democratic credibility for her divisive and ultimately destructive opinions.

UPDATE: La Honeyball also seems to have disabled her comments. Be careful before you waste your time writing in to her blog. And be very careful that criticism of Honeyball isn't shifted to a heart-rending piece on raped women and abortions if you do. If you are a Labour loyalist, remember--this is a person who questions the right of three cabinet ministers to sit in government because of their conscience and religion.

You should also consider that, while she has been deeply insulting over this spiteful matter, she has done some good over human trafficking laws; an issue which she has now chosen to push into the shadow of her aggressive secularism.

UPDATE 2 : Here is a link to a piece purporting to show how Mary Honeyball planned, in a calculated way, to attack the catholic church--a position she is now denying. She then, rather typically, wrote in anonymously to complain about the e-mail address on the note. For anyone interested, the telephone numbers of her public office are:

London: 020 8964 9815
Press office: 07966 280542
Brussels : 32 2 284 7209

DO NOT be abusive and respect office hours. The second number is to an undeserving flunkey whom Honeyball will almost certainly hide behind, as in her politics she seems somewhat self-serving. The numbers come from her public website.


Red Maria said…
She's started answering comments on her blog - well, she's replied to one person, at least.

Why don't you lob a few questions at her?

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