Southall Black Sisters Have Been Saved!

This is a very good story. Ealing Council have backed down, and the very good Southall Black Sisters organisation has been saved. Well done to the SBS.

The SBS are an organisation, for readers who are unsure, who help vulnerable Asian and minority women who are suffering domestic violence. Very often, such women have no capacity or opportunity to take advantage of government-provided resources, and in some cases are effectively prisoners in their own homes because of their community customs or language difficulties.

SBS for decades have been saving the lives of such women, sometimes literally. Were I to be left in a room with the sisters, we would probably agree on very little or nothing, politically--but I am in awe of the work they do, and wish them many more years of it. I think that one step for them will be to free themselves of dependence on local government funding. If you are inclined to help, here is their website.


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