Martin Kelly on Economics and a 'linktastica'

I don't think that I've done a set of multiple links before, but I am wasting time rather than doing some paperwork so I thought that I might have a go.

Martin Kelly, the brilliant blogger in the west of Scotland (with whom I do not always agree) has an excellent post here on the cult of economics. If you have some time this Christmas, and fancy some genuine intellectual stimulation, have a read. For those wanting a more acid take on modern life, the ever-great Bob-from Brockley (who is not acidic at all) has posted a link to Squares of Wheat on what that blogger would like to see happen to the creative industries. It involves swearing, so do not go if you are upset by that sort of thing. I should point out that it appeals to my taste for polemic rather than sense, since I like the entrepreneurial spirit and I have been known to buy music or to appreciate an advertisement. If you like polemicists and are prepared to be offended, Melanie Phillips (somewhat off of late, since Obama won) and The Exile are worth a read, though not for the faint of heart.

Charlie Marks has a piece on the British state attempting a fire-sale here, The Devil has his inimitable take on government waste here and Neil Clark, ever-provocative, is here. On the Monday after the pope apologised (again) for what happened to Galileo, here is Martin in the Margins on the need for a secular Arab renaissance.

You might also like to go and visit the batty blogger. Be sure to wish her and all her flunkies a very merry Christmas; it will especially please them, I am told, if you invoke the blessings of God upon their heads. They are about to fight for re-appointment to the European Parliament next year, and if they don't get it they'll have to return to a much reduced charity land and ban beer or Christmas altogether, or something.

Right, that's that done. It only remains for me to suggest a Christmas cocktail to any passing Harry's place readers or the trolls who sometimes send me demented insults posing as reflections. I of course exclude any family members or friends from that latter category.

Happy hannukah!


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