Viva Bangladesh

Hundreds of millions of human beings came closer to fulfilling the promise of their liberation yesterday, as Bangladesh voted in the Awami league. This is a blow to the regional franchise of terror but more importantly a step forward for what is, given its neighbours, a relatively small country under constant threat.

Bangladesh in recent years has been throwing up one local solution over another and, in the process, defying those who thought that it would live permanently on handouts, interventions, and charity imperialism.

At a time of war, it's nice when some things come together. You would not normally see this blog praising a government elected to 'cull a public sector full of thieves', and to open a poor country to involvement with big corporations. However, Sheikh Hasina has managed to lead her party on an anti-corruption platform, to manoeuvre around the army, to give moderate Muslims a chance to reject Jammat (which they did in great numbers) and has also given me the pleasure of seeing the headline 'BNP crushed', albeit in a South Asia context. Not bad for the dog days of December.


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