Jade Goody

I've blogged about Jade Goody before, and can only wish her the miracle she seems to be praying for. Her behaviour over the past few weeks, and in particular her human dignity, has been heartbreaking. I don't know the woman, and millions die every day, but she seems to have touched a real chord. I have also noticed women young and old who seem more aware of cancer, less frightened, and more determined to do something preventative about it here in London, in overheard conversations and chats with friends. I agree with Martin Kelly; the behaviour of this former dental technician demonised by the media currently pretending to care in the past, in unwittingly inspiring those other women, and in the manner of her defiance of illness, has been heroic. God bless her. I just wanted to record that here.


Mary said…
Martin, Did you actually ever watch Jade Goody's behaviour on BB? I did.
Not only was she a horrendous bully but she had such a forceful personality that she incited two other intellectually -challenged,silly girls to join in with her viciousness. The night before we left the UK to return to Australia I picked up the 'phone to vote her out. I had never felt the need to do that before.

Today we know she is dying. It is so sad. But that same cussedness that made her so awful is now the quality we admire.She does not fall to pieces and in the face of this adversity her character is indomitable.It has to be said though that Jade Goody is not a saint. She's a woman who is showing us that she will not lie down, she will not shut up, and she will not go away.

And for all those others who suffer illness away from the public eye and who die without an agent and leave children with no money and at the mercy of the state schools..Let's also remember them.
Martin Meenagh said…
Absolutely right, Mary. I, sort of, admire cussedness and indominatibility. I don't think that I've ever watched a Big Brother episode right through, and I don't have a TV (my computer has a TV card).

Bullies often have their own tragic tale too, but my impression of reality shows is that they deliberately engineer and record the worst sort of behaviours, especially with infantile or infantilised people.

I'm also more than slightly disturbed by all the media focus on Goody at the minute, but I do think that good came come of it and not because of the media either, but because of her.

And, yes, let's remember everyone. We've had our own brush with illness recently--my family has--and I can't praise the nurses and NHS enough. I think society is much more open than it was here about illness like this too, and if Jade Goody helps with that, fair play to her.

Many thanks for your comment, Mary--hope all is well
Mary said…
Sorry Martin, I was having a fraught evening.I cut my foot open on an exploding casserole lid (honestly).It's a great way to get attention. Having been attended to by no less than four concerned family members I am all bandaged up.The foot is throbbing slightly but my equilibrium is restored sufficiently that I can wish well to all. Really I do see the good in JG and didn't mean to be spiteful.

Did I ever mention how dangerous it is in my kitchen?
Martin Meenagh said…
I hope that you are alright now. I love my pressure cooker but am aware how dangerous it can be--I wasn't aware Casseroles were the same! You be careful, and I am glad that you have been attended to. I didn't think your message spiteful at all....

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