Vote Kadima and Labour

I found the picture of Hillel, a first century BC rabbi from whom Jesus drew a great deal (including the Jewish injunction shown in the text, to love thy neighbour as thyself), on the website of the New Centrist. It is a depiction which comes from the art of Arthur Syzk. I am well aware of the irony when groups which Israel now suggests are either elements of Hamas or Iran, or those opposed to Hamas within Palestinian political gangland, mutatis mutandis, are again bombing Israel.

Generally, other people's countries are other people's concerns. I know that a few people from Israel occasionally read this blog, however (and also, in the past, from Ramallah). So, if it does any good at all, I would just remind such people that the enemies of Israel currently infesting all forms of media would like nothing better than Bibi Netanyahu back in power, and if strengthened by Lieberman, they'd be ecstatic. The list of Netanyahu's sins and crimes is too long for a Saturday post, but all I would say is something that I've said before ; in creating him, Israel has done the impossible--you have bred a Jewish Nixon.

Let history be your guide as to whether electing such people is sensible.


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