Angela Merkel

Frau Merkel is, as I keep saying, the smartest leader in Europe. I also admire the Federal Republic tremendously, and can see that it is now going to react to going through hell by keeping going, rather than pouring oil on the flames.

Angie's just done for the Anglosphere's plan to inflate everything and crush ordinary people's pensions and pay. Well done. We'll all have unemployment; they have the moral courage to face deflation. We keep trying wastefully to stave it off in time for the political and media classes to claim their expenses to the full. The euro may break; Germany will clearly survive.

There are very few rules these days in politics. One fairly reliable one is that people who ignore, patronise or attempt to bounce Angela Merkel usually end up roadkill. She sits up working, you see, and isn't mad. She reads the documents. As a model of a scientific woman in a position of leadership, she is much, much better than Margaret Thatcher.

Well, I think so anyway. The way things are going she'll probably turn out to be some Dr Who alien monster. Ah well, here is the rolling stones' Angie, by some lovely young woman, again.


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