Just in Case Anyone Doubts What is Going On

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard may not be under the control of their government, but they certainly represent the Islamic regime. They have been providing money to some of the worst killers in the world, possibly with North Korean money gained from helping that country in its mad rocket scheme in Asia. That money has been used to buy off local elements to transport Iranian medium range rockets in Sudan, whose genocidal and utterly discredited regime is not happy at having been found out.

Those rockets were being transported to Egypt earlier this year, in an operation co-ordinated by a Revolutionary Guard. They then would have been delivered to Hamas.

Hamas, which is remarkable in being all rogue element and no mainstream, would then have continued its repression in Gaza, and continued to derail the two-state solution to the Palestinian problem, by dropping very great explosives on Israel, which would have been pushed into a response by a big enough attack.

One question that seems obvious is whether the Revolutionary Guard representatives would have handed the weapons over, or whether they are actually on the ground in Gaza. If Hamas is all fringe, is Iran the centre?

That Iran is escalating its systematic interference cannot have led to pleasantries behind the doors of the Arab chancelleries.

Meantime, the higher the tension, the more the people of Gaza and Israel suffer, the less chance peace has, and the more civil society and anyone sane in Iran can be stifled. And the more those in the west of bad intent can claim the authority of events.

I suspect, but again cannot of course do anything but suggest, that the reason newspaper readers and keen bloggers like me can find out about all this is because it is in the interest of someone or other either to clarify the stakes in the Obama outreach to the Iranians, or to lay the groundwork for their derailment.

Those on the 'left', and I obviously can't claim myself as one of them, inclined to sympathise with Hamas, should just step back and ask themselves what they are doing indulging these fascists. I use that word deliberately. People, in general, should inform themselves.

In the middle of all this, Israel has saved itself with a rocket strike once it learned enough to expose what is going on.


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