KD Lang, Hallelujah, Australia

My regular correspondent, Mary, in Australia sent me this video of K.D.Lang singing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. I once spent a great deal of time in Baltimore, with a veteran of America's war in Vietnam and his family. His wife was a lovely Indian woman, and his son, who must be grown now, was a credit to them.

Anyway, he used to play Gorecki, and introduced me to Leonard Cohen songs, so I think of that time when I hear this. I heard such songs on that trip; I remember looking out of the Amtrak I took from DC on the Maryland woods and what might a hundred years or so have been called 'wilderness' whilst hearing an album of civil war songs and modern reconstructions from Ken Burn's Civil War. I got chills.

Many thanks to Mary. Australian breakfast TV looks almost watchable (I don't have a telly, just a computer, which means that I can watch telly from anywhere, paradoxically so its interesting to me to see the clip!)

ps. This is a mad thought, but doesn't Ms Lang look like John Kennedy's old retainer, Kenneth O'Donnell now? Kennedy never had a Chief of Staff, but O'Donnell was special assistant and Chief in all but name. Odd. She has a great talent.


Anonymous said…
I didn't know about this likeness but after due research I have to admit that you're spot on.

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