Some People Don't Let Up

Washington being a place of almost unbelievable duplicity and mischief, I wanted to record a thought here. Joe Biden--whom I have made affectionate fun of here on the blog--is actually a very open, reasonably funny sort of a man. He has tried to bring up a normal family. He is the Vice-President of the United States.

So, when I see stories about Biden's daughter taking cocaine, and that they are linked to his invention of the term 'drug czar', I can't help wondering if the part of the administration which is at the moment most vulnerable is just being softened up.

There is a dynamic which will play upon Obama-sympathising minds as the economic situation becomes tougher and the administration, as they all do, gets paranoid. It will escalate when their policies start to fail and they are tested abroad. It is that the coda which has motivated the right for a very long time--the idea that the destruction of the Nixon administration was some sort of template for the limitation and removal of hostile ideas, rather than a political hari-kiri--will be visited on Obama, and that a 'vast right wing conspiracy' will be behind it.

But I think that there is another dynamic in Washington, which is profoundly opportunist and cynical. If Biden is wounded, breathtakingly cynical sharks will start circling. And it'll make good television.

So, I expect after a while, if this initial sally works, that we'll begin to see more egregious praise of Hillary Clinton. Then the idea will be floated that Biden is, like Agnew was, an embarrassment. Then--a leak here, a suggestion there, a complicated game of lull, flirt and rush--and a Clinton Vice-presidency?


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