Susan Boyle

The picture is of Saint Cecilia, who is one of the patron saints of singers, along (bizarrely) with St Gregory the Great. In a silly twist, my patron Saint, Martin de Porres, is the patron of brooms, work, black people, Biloxi Mississippi, hairdressers, innkeepers, public health, education and schools, the United States of Mexico, and Peruvian Naval aviators. Apparently. I read it on Wikipedia. It must be true.

I have never seen a full episode of 'Britain's Got Talent', though I have a TV card in the computer (but no TV). Before you say it, being the country's most out of touch person, I won't be bothered when you point out how square I am, daddy-o, or suchlike.

Ms Boyle is a highly unlikely singing sensation who was discovered on the show. She has a stunning voice, which in this clip, is completely at odds with the expectations of the audience and her appearance. I cringe when I see people humiliated on television, and really don't like that sort of thing, so I felt a bit worried for her when she strode out, apparently unafraid.

I would put a video up on the blog, but embedding at Youtube is unavailable, so go to the link and watch everyone's face when she starts up. She made me cry, for good reasons, and maybe she'll make you do so too.

Good luck to her! I am going to find out how to vote for her and then I am going to do it lots, and you should to, unless it costs a lot. Then you should do it from work, from a telephone traceable to the employer or member of staff who cares about you the least.


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