Et lux in Tenebris Lucet

Thanks to a reader of this blog, the Young Oligarch, I have found a dialectizer. It takes any blog or post you put in, and turns it into dialogue consonant with a famous accent or style. It reminds me of The Jumping Frog of Calavras County, one of the finest stories ever written.

I've been reading my own posts in 'jive', 'redneck' and 'cockney', and fun it is too. Some of them even begin to make sense. Have a look.

I'd like to nominate people to read in dialect. David Lindsay should obviously be read in jive; Neil Clark in cockney; and Melanie Phillips should be the Swedish Chef. There are also 'moron', 'pig latin' and 'hacker' options to try out on your favourite sites. I read as daft in all six....


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